These are the advantages of CrowdPay for you as a merchant

CrowdPay is cheaper than other payment methods
Cost savings

CrowdPay is cheaper than most other online payment methods

transfer within 72 hours
Increase of liquidity

The invoice amount will be transferred to you within 72 hours

invoicing process
Time savings

CrowdPay takes care of the whole invoicing process for you

More payment options
Customer acquisition

More payment options make you more attractive as an online shop

most favoured online payment method in Switzerland
Customer satisfaction

The bill is the most favoured online payment method in Switzerland

CrowdPay carries the default risk 100%
No risk

The default risk is carried 100% by CrowdPay


What is CrowdPay?

CrowdPay is a Swiss payment provider for invoices with instalment option. This enables you to offer the most favoured online payment method in Switzerland, the invoice, risk-free and without any effort.

How does CrowdPay work?

CrowdPay can be easily integrated into your online store. Based on the information provided by your customers in the payment process, payment on invoice is checked, this happens simultaneously within seconds. When choosing the method of payment, the customer will be shown a button "pay by invoice" if the check was successful. If the check is negative, just the existing payment options appear. CrowdPay will take over the whole process of invoicing for you and transfer the invoice amount within 72 hours. The invoice will be sold for a small fee (factoring). Alternatively, the customer can choose to pay in instalments during the invoicing process.


The payment settlement process

The payment settlement process


Customer buys products in online store


The retailer sends the purchased products


CrowdPay transfers the invoice amount to the retailer


CrowdPay sends the invoice to the customer


The customer pays his invoice in total or in instalments


New payment solution reduces cancellations in the checkout process. Just-in-time credit check of the customer.


he shop is responsible for the dispatch of the sold goods as well as the returns management.


Within a few days after the purchase, the retailer receives the payment without the risk of default.


We take care of the administrative tasks of the invoicing process.


The customer chooses the most suitable payment option at his own choice, in full or in instalments.

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CrowdPay is a Swiss payment provider for invoices with instalment option.

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